Murshidabad Tour

Murshidabad is home to various races and religions. It is located on River Bhagirathi banks. The history of the city dates back to pre-historic times. The city was at its height of glory in the past and it was Bengal’s capital in before the British rulers shifted the capital to Kolkata. Given below are the important tourist places in Murshidabad.

Bengal shares to a very large extent in the historical traditions of the northern parts of India. The movements of population which settled the ethnological characteristics of those areas largely affected the province, and it was conspicuously associated with the great religious developments which so profoundly influenced the life history of the people. Generally speaking, the population of Bengal is of Dravidian and Aryan origin, though on the eastern side there are marked Mongoloid elements, pointing to a close association of those tracts with the stream of immigration which settled the character of Burma and the other parts of further India. The Aryan immigration is that which has left its deepest mark upon the life and literature of Bengal.