Old Rangji Temple

Old Rangji Temple Pushkar Rajasthan is a famous temple where ant tourists flock every year to pay their homage to the deities. Lord Rangji Temple speaks about Lord Rangji who is believed to be the incarnation of lord Vishnu. Old Rangji Temple was built in 1823 by Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal of Hyderabad. Old Rangji Temple Pushkar is exclusive as here you can find the confluence of South Indian style (Dravid), Rajput style and Mughal style of architecture. The gracious Old Rangji Temple is very noticeable. It has a high rising Gopuram archetypal of southern India.

About Pushkar:Pushkar in Rajasthan is a sacred place for Hindus and has 400 astounding temples. The most important of them is the one dedicated to Lord Brahma. According to the famous and ruling legend in Rajasthan, every year for five days all the gods visit Pushkar and bless the devotees. That is why every year, an incredible number of devotees flock to the lake to wash away their sins. These five vital days also correspond to the biggest cattle fair of the country. A visit to the Pushkar fair is in fact a lifetime experience.

Pushkar had always been a place of great strategic importance. Pushkar had also been a favorite residence of the great Mughal. One of the first contacts between the Mughal and the British took place in Pushkar when Sir Thomas Roe met with Jahangir in 1616. In 1818 Pushkar got handed over to the British. It was one of the few places in Rajasthan which was directly under the control of British Government.