Hot air ballooning pushkar

Hot Air Ballooning in Pushkar Take a mid-air parikrama around the holy Pushkar Lake. A flight over Pushkar will give you a kaleidoscopic view of one of the holiest cities of Hindus, home to the only Temple of Bramha in the world.

Most flights will take off from around the Pushkar Lake. You can also choose to fly from around the Mela ground, the Stadium grounds, etc., depending on wind conditions.
Your flight is with a highly experienced team. Equipment and training are to European and US international safety standards, flights are insured, and the friendly UK- and US-trained pilots (including former commercial aviation pilots) have thousands of hours of balloon flight experience, internationally and in India.

You watch as the balloon is prepared and inflated and the flight lasts for around one hour. The sensation is completely different from being on top of a tall building, as detachment from the ground removes the uneasy sensations of height. There is no turbulence, and even people who usually suffer severe motion sickness experience no effects from a balloon flight.

Flight Timings Morning Flight Evening Flight
Pushkar fair period - 6.15 am 4.00 pm

Check our Balloon safari Package during the fair period inclusive of accommodation.

Prices mentioned are non-commissionable and inclusive of the following services:
* Approximately 60 minutes of a balloon flight
* Pick-Up and drop to/from the Hotel
* Exhilarating sight of balloons being inflated and prepared
* Tea/coffee & cookies at the launch site
* Certificate of First Flight, duly signed by your pilot