Imphal Tour

Imphal, the capital of the state of Manipur, is in eastern India. It is a small and beautiful picturesque city. Imphal lies in the Valley of Manipur River and is surrounded by the northeastern hills and vast plains of India's. It is also the state's cultural capital with lots of traditional festivals and shows for Manipuri dances arranged at regular intervals.
The city is also handling the modern commerce for the state of Manipur as being one of the most visited parts of the state of Manipur. Various products of Manipuri origin like that of household industries, woven goods, brassware, and bronzeware, are collected from different parts of the state and marketed here in Imphal. Agricultural and electronics industries are also one of the main parts of Imphal's economy.

Once, the home of the royal families of Manipur, Imphal became the capital of Manipur State under the rule of Britishers in 1826. This small city has witnessed some of the most important battles in Indian history with recent ones being one fought in World War II and the other one being fought between independent India and China.