Churachandpur Tour

Churachandpur town is located in the Churachandpur district in Manipur. Churachandpur is the largest district in Manipur. The headquarter of the district is located in Churachanpur. It is the second largest town of Manipur after Imphal and also the rapidly growing town in Manipur. Locally, Churachandpur is known as Lamka. Agriculture is the main mode of living of the people. People are also engaged in handloom and handicraft.

The name of Churachandpur comes after Maharaja Churachand Singh. Churachandpur was a mosquito-infested village before World War II. It was on the west bank of the Tuitha river. The indigenous tribes depended on jhum cultivation. They lived on the hills surrounding the Churachandpur valley. The tribes avoided the malaria affected valley. Wet rice cultivation was introduced in the valley during the War period. Agricultural system was shifted from Jhum to paddy plough in the 1990s.

With the division of labour a new tribal middle class developed. Churachandpur now expanded towards the west bank of Tuitha river. Tuitha means good river.After the War Lamka witnessed rapid development. Suangpi was made one of the sub divisional headquarters. In 1921 a colonial interpreter named Suangpi as Churachandpur. The tribal traders and the entrepreneurs at Lamka along with Christian missionaries gave birth to the present Lamka town.