Kolhapur Tour

Kolhapur is one of the most easily approachable cities in Maharashtra that offers abundant tourist attractions and also serves as an important travel hub to explore other places. Not only does the city have its famous Mahalaksmi Mandir that draws millions of pilgrims each year but is also a nodal point to visit Panhala Fort and a wildlife sanctuary just a few kilometers away.

Located 377 kilometers from Mumbai and 237 kilometers from Pune, Kolhapur is very well-connected with most of the cities in Maharashtra by a good network of roads and railway. For the devout, it is the temple of Goddess Mahalakshmi in Kolhapur that is a big draw, it being the most revered shrine in the state. That apart, Kolhapur also serves as a base for making single day trips to many other places, all of them unique in their own ways.