Jabalpur Tour

Jabalpur is one the biggest city of Madhya Pradesh State in Central India. It lies in Mahakoshal region of Madhya Pradesh, Central India. It is a district of Madhya Pradesh State. District Head quarter of Jabalpur is in Jabalpur city. It is considered one of the fastest growing cities of Central India. Despite of the pace of growth, it is believed to have maintained its natural beauty and resources.
It is on the bank of holy Narmada River. Jabalpur is also known for famous National Parks (Tiger reserves) around it and marble rocks on Narmada River. From Wildlife Tourism point of view also Jabalpur has its unique presence in Tourist Map of Madhya Pradesh. Important government offices like head quarters of West Central Zone, Madhya Pradesh High court, Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board etc are in Jabalpur city.

History of Jabalpur City : It is a historical city and has description in ancient Hindu’s religious books & Veda’s. The name of the Jabalpur City is derived from holy Hindu saint “Jabaali” who had his aashram in this area. Jabalpur is also known as “Gondwana Land”. Jabalpur was the capital of Gond kings during the 12th century. During the 16th century it became the powerful states of Gondwana. After 16th century, i.e. after defeat of Rani Durgawati, area lost its enamor and flourish-ness. Although it was ruled by Gonds but with limited rights & power under supremacy of Mughals, It was also beleaguered by the Mughals and later it was conquered by the Marathas in the end of 17th century.