Jal Mahal jaipur

Jal Mahal Jaipur, known for its sophisticated design and grand architecture, presents one more unique palace, the Jal Mahal, perched amidst the Mansagar lake. Once a home to one of the prime ministers of Jaipur estate, this palace was developed as a pleasure spot and was used for the royal duck shooting parties. Surrounded by Nahargarh Hills, the Jal Mahal is extremely romantic, with its red sandstone intricate architecture casting beautiful reflections in the calm waters of the Man Sagar Lake, full of hyacinths. It is now abandoned, but very well-preserved and provides a picturesque view from Nahargarh Fort.

The beautiful Jal Mahal is known for its majestic architecture and sophisticated design. Built opposite the cenotaphs of the royal family, the four floors of Jal Mahal are under water and only the top floor remains outside. The lake eco system is a favorite home of a number of migratory and resident birds. The Mansagar Dam is situated on the eastern side of the lake and provides a good vantage point for viewing the lake and the valley.