Goa Waterfalls

Goa is a verdant natural paradise bounded on the one side by the foothills of the Sahyadri range and on the other by the Arabian Sea. Goa, a tiny green land surrounded by azure waters on the West Coast of India, with its natural picturesque beauty, attractive beaches and famous architectural temples, majestic churches, grand parties and festivals and its rich Anglo-Indian heritage is a great attraction for all tourists. It is called the pearl of the east.

Besides the awe-inspiring and strikingly beautiful beaches, Goa is also gifted with lakes, waterfalls and springs of unmatched beauty. They are located far from the madding crowds, away from the coast, in the interiors.

There are three prime waterfalls of Goa which emerge from great heights and ripple through the rugged terrains. These three rippling cascades of silvery water attract hordes of tourists who prefer blissful solitude of isolated nature rather than the fun and frolic of crowded beaches.