Goa State Museum

One of the Panaji attractions, the Goa State museum is equally popular with the history freaks and general tourists. The Goa State museum in Panaji was officially inaugurated on 29th September, 1977. Later on a new complex was built in Patto, which was opened in the year 1996.

The twelve galleries of the Goa State museum houses historic and wonderful artifacts. The name of the galleries of Goa State museum are given below:
Sculpture Gallery
Numismatic Gallery
Christian Art Gallery
Furniture Gallery
Cultural Anthropology
Contemporary Art Gallery
Environment and Development Gallery
Gallery for other displays
Goa's Freedom Struggle Gallery
Banerji Art Gallery
Menezes Braganza Gallery
Religious Expression Gallery

The Sculpture Gallery boasts of some priceless inscriptions that date back to the 4th century. Intricately carved sculptures made of stone and bronze are the main attractions of this gallery. The Numismatic Gallery is a must visit for the history loving people and people interested in numismatology. The gallery has collection of coins from different ages.

A must visit for the art lovers and the religious inclined people also, the Christian Art Gallery houses outstanding wood carved statues and paintings of Christian saints. The Banerji Art Gallery is named after the ex governor of Goa - S.K. Banerji. This gallery exhibits some exceptional sculptures, ancient seals and terracotta works. The Goa State museum organizes several cultural competitions and programs through out the year.